Northside Chip Signs On

Good morning. Today, April 20, 2011 Northside Chip’s Corner begins its blogcasting day.

Northside Chip’s Corner is blogcasted under the authority of me. 🙂 A kid who grew up in North Omaha, Nebraska and went from there into the big wide world. I found a niche. I found struggle. I found progress, and along the way there was disappointment, triumph, love, happiness, joy, pain, sunshine and rain and everything else.

I blogcast with an effected radiated power of whatever is in my imagination at the time. I’m a cat on the corner who will talk about anything. I’m partial to sports, but I’m not limited to it. I’m going to get into politics, world affairs, and observations on just everyday living. This space will also be a place to tell some stories and eventually introduce you to some interesting people. Video and interviews will be coming soon.

I’ll even share my passion for the creative arts. I fancy doing some spoken word, maybe even some hip-hop. I enjoy doing things just to see if I can do them.

That is why I’m even doing a blog in the first place. After years of reading blogs and being inspired by people stepping out and expressing themselves. I decided to step out by faith if not by sight and do my own blog. Four blogs helped put Northside Chip off the fence and on the corner. For grand opening, I’d like to give them their proper credit up front.

1. Black Girl In Maine If you haven’t read this blog, YOU BETTA ASK SOMEBODY. Check her out. Her blog has been around for about three years and its very insightful read.

2. the Field Negro   One of the best blogs in the world, period. When I’m doing my morning breakfast with the news, I have to pay a visit to this man’s blog.

3. Mechelle Voepel   We love our sports on the Corner and we celebrate all athletes on the corner, and Ms. Voepel was longtime voice for women’s sports at the Kansas City Star for nearly two decade. Unfortunately, she got caught in the sad numbers game that these tough times have placed my profession in. When I’m looking for some of the best commentary I’m going to get on my New York Liberty during the season, this is where I’m going.

4. Tome of the Unknown Writer  I went to college with this brother and since then he’s written two novels and is working on a third when not raising a family and raising his blog. Thanks for the inspiration, Bill! I can’t wait for your next novel to drop.

I also have to give much love to my family.  Without their love and support since coming into the world almost 40 years ago, and I wouldn’t have had a chance to see what I’ve been blessed to see in a career and in life. Next month, I turn 40 and it is a special blessing to still have so many elders in my family living and imparting a lot of wisdom. That little kid in the picture at the front of my blog grew up on the support so many, and I’m grateful to my people. This blog is dedicated to you all.

I guess Northside Chip is on the air now…So now I gotta actually do some of that blogging thing. Well lets see. the Knicks can’t buy a call against the Celtics it seems. The NHL playoffs are still the best things you aren’t watching. The NFL is going to have a draft, but maybe not have a season.  This nation still doesn’t have a budget, but we have troops everywhere and Moammar Howeveryouspellislastname still has his Libya gig (No matter how you spell his name, you know who he be!).

But I’m checking out the “You’re Fired” man. The anti-Warren Buffett. The Donald. It seems the New York’s poor little rich real estate shark has decided that he could the man with the plan for 2012. So what is his first priority? Reaching out to that touched tenth of our society still clinging to the idea that Barack Obama is a Kenyan. C’mon Donald, are you serious? Bill Cosby doesn’t think so, but the truth is that Trump is serious and that is why he’s doing this.

On the surface Donald Trump is the Republican protostereotype. He’s white. He’s male. He loves money more than he loves marriage. He always looking to cut a deal and he’s wearing a squirrel on top of his head.  He is the poster child of more dollars than sense, and that seems to be the modern GOP’s base.

However, The Donald is about as viable a GOP candidate as I am, and he knows this.

Trump  is screwed in a GOP primary process. He’s flamboyant, high-profile, and his divorces have gotten more ink than his business successes. That is not going to get it done with the family values crowd.

Oh and how about calling for taxing the rich back in ’99? It seems when The Donald was hinting at the 2000 presidential derby he called for a one-time super tax on the super wealthy. The K Street Grover Norquists are going to take that like Satan takes to holy water.

Mr. Trump is going this route not because he’s frivolous, but because he really wants to make a go of this thing and he needed to make a splash. He realizes that he needs a base, and the money crowd will do business with him, but wont back him. Ironically, he has to get the fans of his moonlighting gig, and there’s a sizable number of those who buy into the biggest lie ever sold.

I never understood this whole “birther” issue. I would dare any American to find their birth certificate. Any copy of it at all. Does anybody in this country really understand how unwieldy it is to get such records in any state. Strangely enough, you can thank the “lets drown government in the bath tub” believers for that. When you cut budgets, something going to get lost in the transition. And guess what probably got lost? Chances are its that filing of your original birth, death, marriage and school records.

Unfortunately, this issue still has wings. The Rachel Maddows of the world can guffaw at this, but the fact is on the ground. A fifth of our fellow Americans buy this story, and that fifth are the people who will participate in their primary or caucus in 2012. This minority sometimes decides who a party runs in the fall, but the definitely decide what type of platform that ticket runs on. If and when the Donald loses and drops out, if he energizes this populace, then this issue gets on the grid next fall and those voters will show up.

Trump may come across as a buffoon, but understand what the down and distance are here. Before he can talk about any issues of substance, he needs some foot soliders and this issue can recruit some people. Yeah, make fun of him if you want to, but every GOP candidate knows deep down that if they are facing 3rd and long against President Obama next year this play is in the playbook.

What is really irks many about Donald Trump isn’t his flamboyance here, it’s that he’s sent the early message of what the Republican campaign in 2012 will look like. If you thought some of those rallies in 2008 were crazy, hold on tight for the sequel.


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