You caught him. You killed him. But what’s next?

How ’bout those Dallas Mavericks and those Atlanta Hawks? The ambush was on in the NBA last night. Boston Bruins getting things done on the ice. My Kansas City Royals are hanging in there, but those darn Cleveland Indians are looking like the 1984 Tigers right now.

Moving to the bigger games, Stephen Harper wanted a majority and he got one in Canada. The Bloc Alber-ta now truly run that country next door to the north. The very left New Democratic Party is now the official opposition. Bon Chance, Jack Layton. Tommy Douglas couldn’t do it. Ed Broadbent couldn’t do it. You Monsieur Layton have made the NDP truly relevant from the Maritimes to B.C.. But can you work with that orange bloc quebecois you just inherited?

And of the course the continuing big news. Sunday night you could almost hear President Obama whistling “Farmer In The Dell” as a group of Navy SEALs rolled into a heavily guarded complex somewhere in Pakistan and whacked Osama bin Laden….Or maybe that was “Woke Up This Morning” I heard through all the cheering.

Either way, a country starved for revenge the way a crackhead needs a fix got a collective national hit as our military successfully executed Al-Queda’s point man/money man/rich brat on dialysis. Do not see the previous sentence as a criticism of our armed forces. The brave men and women who wear the uniforms of the forces do not make policy, they are instruments of policy. I have nothing against them. The Navy SEALs who drew this assignment carried out their duties.

Is the world better off without Osama bin Laden in it? Absolutely. He sleeps with the fishes and given that he was behind the biggest single-day mass murder in world history, it is fitting that he sleeps with the fishes.

But, I have a real issue with the battle cry that “justice has been done.”

Frontier justice has been done. The technical term for that is vengeance. Vengeance was ours sayeth the President. How about we just be honest and call it that.

Count me as someone who has never been a fan of the “War On Terror”. To me it has been an episode of “The Sopranos” with more baggage, our #1 welfare program, and an effort akin to our “War On Drugs”. Its been built on a set of deliberate deceptions. It has in many ways harmed our position in the world. It has betrayed fundamental tenants of our legal system at home and abroad. It has put the United States in league with rogue nations which endorse detainment without cause and torture. Those who support those things crow loudly now, because of this execution.

The Osama bin Ladens and Mullah Omars of the world are poverty pimps. They don’t scare me. But the people they are pimping do scare me, because those are the people who actually carry out the scheme. They have many names and faces. They live all over the world. Some are Muslim, some aren’t, and soon some of those could be good American Christian folk. I’m afraid of that person seeing Israeli tanks driving down his street on the West Bank. I’m afraid of the person in a Jakarta sweatshop making Under Armour Heatgear or a Victoria’s Secret supermodel shirt for 15 cents a day. The father and mother in Nigeria who’s groundwater got poisoned by petroleum waste. When they complained, they got a visit from the “Kill And Go”.

If you really want to wage War On Terror, you have to wage War On Poverty, War On World Hunger, War On Resource Exploitation, War On Corporate Greed, War On Over Three Billion People Not Having Clean Drinking Water, and War For Human Rights, Worker’s Rights, Health Care and Education Worldwide. Violence is often is response to needs that aren’t being met. What I just listed are needs that aren’t being met. Needs that make it real easy to listen to an Osama bin Laden. Those are the things that often lead someone to putting on a Semtex sweater and walking onto a crowded bus, or lead a group of people with boxcutters onto a 777 and flying it into the World Trade Center.

When we deal with the real issues that breed terrorism, then we will truly have justice and we wouldn’t have to send so many brave American men and women in uniform into harms way. That would be something truly worth cheering for.


3 responses to “You caught him. You killed him. But what’s next?”

  1. Trevian says :

    Honestly, all the rejoicing in the death of anyone shows how barbaric our country is. It disgusts me to see people acting like drunken frat boys in intoxicated glee. We will soon understand the consequences of these actions, when the little boy or girl somewhere in the world avenges this “pow pow pow” flauntation of ignorance. Bin Laden is gone. Let that be that. Rejoice not in evil or death because whether or not realized-evil and death becomes you. Great write Chipper!

  2. Blackgirlinmaine says :

    Too tired to type out an intelligent post but agree with you 100%.

  3. SuDiBull says :

    Excellent post! So true.

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