The Bottom. It’s A Great Place To Start….and Grant Hill Can’t Win, Either

First the news: Palestinian-Israeli clashes. Wade’s a victim of Gibson’s bashes. Our economy still crashes. But that ain’t the big story, because “The Guidos Have Landed”
But I see Donald Trump decided 2012 just wasn’t for him claiming, “I still have too much passion for business.”

That’s a far cry from what else he said as he shutdown his bid to trade Park Avenue for Pennsylvania Avenue: ” I maintain the strong conviction that if I were to run, I would be able to win the primary and ultimately, the general election.”

Gee, I figured a money man like The Donald would be willing to put his financial wherewithal in line with his maxillary orifice. Methinks his grasp of the issues wasn’t the only thing lacking.

The whole Trump story leads me to something I’ve thought for quite sometime. Why do so many corporate-Wall Street-big business-big shots believe because they are a corporate CEO that they can be the CEO of the United States of America? Every election cycle there’s always one candidate, usually Republican, who believes “This nation would be just fine if we ran it like a business.”

Just a few problem with that Daddy Warbucks. Firstly, you can’t “outsource” the citizenry as President (most of you CEO’s have already done that.). Secondly, your board of directors/shareholders are a whole lot bigger. And thirdly, it’s a bit harder to stonewall the watchdogs, and I won’t begin to deal with the special interests and lobbyist that you have to answer to a lot more frequently. On the other side of the screen, it all looks so easy, right? Never mind all the other things like foreign policy, environment, energy, etc. Basically things you guys are used to paying people not to think about. I feel that most, if not all big business leaders aren’t the people I’d want running the country.

Politicians are largely out of touch with a few exceptions. The dual citizens of Richistan are all the way out of touch and that’s the last thing we need in our national government. Granted, we already have that in Washington with the over-rich Thurston Howells we’ve already voted in.

What gets me is, why can’t these people start at the bottom, especially when they’ve never ran for office before?

Why not start small. How about city councilperson? Deal with ordinances, road construction and dealing with public safety first. Maybe school board? Local offices that have the direct impact on people’s lives on the ground where you are. Perhaps a county board seat, or in your state legislature to begin with. Heck, even starting the middle in the House of Representatives would give you a better picture of what it really means to govern than buying a seat in the U.S. Senate Club or going for all the marbles as The Prez.

I think such experiences would be great for all people who seek public office, but especially for those in that upper economic strata, because many of those of mass means who seek office strike me as quite out of touch. You can tell it by the decisions they often make as corporate chiefs. When their quick-money schemes fail, they take it out on the rank-and-file, the consumer or both. Or they get the big bailout for Washington and give themselves another bonus. Yes, I may be generalizing a little, but the recent evidence points in that direction. Liars figures, but the figures aren’t lying.

I’m not against anybody running, even The Donald. But the advice than many big-timers give those just getting out of school and getting that career thing going would be very sound for those big-timers who have an eye on Capitol Hill or that White House. The Bottom is a great place to start.

    Grant Hill Can’t Win, Either

Donovan McNabb, you have company. First you get Jalen Rose firing up on Grant Hill and making “Duke Graduate Basketball Player” a synonym of “Uncle Tom”. But, it seems the NBA standout is getting some more flack for a PSA he did calling out homophobia. And its, really sad to see fellow black folk riding the homophobia train. The PSA itself? It was a solid take. Calling something “gay” as an insult is rather lame, but then again so is calling something passe out of style or out of vogue “ghetto”. If something is as played out as an 8-ball jacket, why not just say that. If its on the rack and its whack, just put it back.

And while we are at it, Grant Hill scoot over. Common needs a seat on the “Can’t Win” bench, too. Amid some of the narcissistic drivel we get in a lot of hip-hop today, there is the oasis of somebody like Common. The FLOTUS invites Common for a night of poetry at the White House and the Right Wing Dead Wrong All-Star Team jump on him and the current occupants of 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.

The Common flap is another reinforcement what the Hannity-Limbaugh-Coulter-Palin crowd fear most. “Oh My God, The First Family Is A Black Family!”

Common is a “gangsta rapper”? That’s as laughable as a “Terrorist Fist Bump”.

I know you righties are still sore about getting clipped on birth certificate thing, but Common’s a gangster rapper? C’MON MAN! Once again, the paid comedians of the right YOU IGNANT!

Oh, you peeps firing on Grant Hill on Twitter, YOU IGNANT, TOO!


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