Getting Beat On The Beat. Goodbye, Ms. Oprah..and Who Has Barack’s Back?

In the news: Oklahoma, Kansas and Arkansas got hit hard by tornadoes. Some in Washington D.C. are using the storm to play politics.

Oh speaking of D.C.

(courtesy: COPBLOCK.ORG)

Northside Chip YOU IGNANT Award Winners. These two D.C. Metro Transit Police Officers.

Now here was the “official” explanation. (Courtesy of

On Thursday, May 19, the Metro Transit Police on routine patrol at the U St. Metrorail station observed a patron in a wheelchair drinking an alcoholic beverage. The officers asked the patron to leave the area and he refused. The officers then attempted to issue the patron a citation and when the patron refused to comply with the issuance of a citation he was told that he would be placed under arrest. The patron resisted arrest which resulted in him falling out of his wheelchair. The patron was arrested for assault on a police officer and drinking in public.

The patron was transported to a local hospital with a minor injury.
Metro Transit Police are following up on this report.

Steven Taubenkibel
Public Information Officer
WMATA-Office of Media Relations
P: 202 962 2474

He did fall out of the wheelchair, with a little help.

This is why the “war on drugs” doesn’t work. You cannot exercise authority without creditability. To my police peeps:  It only takes one ignant cop to free O.J.

Goodbye Oprah, and thanks for all the fish.


          O is for Oprah, and May 25, 2011, The Oprah Winfrey Show ends a 25-year run.

         Say what you want about Oprah, but when you can run on TV worldwide for 25 years, you did something right.

         I’m a huge fan of this brilliant lady and what she put on the airwaves, and although I think in her later years the show lost a little bit of its edge, too many celebs at times to me, it was mostly on point.

        I tip my Stetson to you, Ms. Oprah. Thanks for showing how a little positivity can go a long way.

Now turning my attention to another big time O.

Barack Obama and British PM Dave Cameron get that special relationship feeling

Barack Obama is hanging out in Europe for a minute. A couple days in Ireland, and a pint of real Guiness. Now, he’s in the UK. Not a bad choice, Mr. President. Britain gets some love here on the Corner. Yes, Northside Chip is an Anglophile.

But can we give the President a hard time back here at home? Yes we can, and quite a few of us are.

Republicans? Yep, there is the snipe from the right. It’s a same you can believe in.

Sniper to the left? Yipes! and check out who is holding the rifle. Dr. Cornell West? Really? It is so. The Big Thinker isn’t too happy about what the President is doing.The health care plan didn’t go far enough in Dr. West’s mind. The economic team is too Wall Street in Dr. West’s mind. America’s First Black President isn’t all that into Black Issues, so Dr. West says.

Cornell West and President Obama: We just aren't on the same page right now

Being “socratic and prophetic” Dr. West went on to say, “I think my dear brother Barack Obama has a certain fear of free black men,” 

Dr. Cornell West, the Big Thinker? Going straight ghetto fabulous on the “I’m Blacker Than You” tip? Damn.

Such  thoughts caused a serious round of the dozens among the intelligentsia black and otherwise . Some saying the “old guard” of black leadership is passe. Others who agree with West’s contentions which put Obama at a level just short of Stephin Fetchit, Pigmeat Markham and Flavor Flav.

I think all sides in this circular turkey shoot need to aim the rhetorical salvos at a different target.

I’ll break it down for you. I respect and admire Dr. Cornell West. He is a brilliant thinker. That is why I am throughly disappointed at the way he went about criticizing the President. To call the President out saying that, “As a young brother who grows up in a white context, brilliant African father, he’s always had to fear being a white man with black skin. All he has known culturally is white. He is just as human as I am, but that is his cultural formation. When he meets an independent black brother, it is frightening. And that’s true for a white brother.” 

Dr. West, you know better.  Pulling that one out sounds no different from the Birthers to me. Worse, it blunted the arguments that I happen to agree with and that is what saddens me. Now, Tavis Smiley coming out of the pocket with some of this left field stuff is understandable. Mr. Smiley got radio shows, tv shows and books to sell. Side note: Notice how you really hear about Tavis Smiley only when he hawking his next book or project or something?

But I would like to ask Dr. West’s critics a question based on what the professor said about the policies within this Administration: What is Dr. West saying about the policies that is untrue?

I like President Obama, I voted for President Obama, but let’s be real for a second. President Obama ran on health care reform with a public option. He surrendered that early in the fight, and what we have is a huge windfall for the health insurance-pharamceutical-industrial complex.

President Obama ran on economic recovery that would help a great deal of us who are not CEOs. But the CEOs and Wall Street got a huge bailout, which a good number of them used to feather their own nest. And notice that Eric Holder has yet to lay a legal smack down on anybody on Wall Street who helped pull off the biggest jack in financial history. But then again, did we really expect an economic team made up of the “Too Big To Fail/Too Big To Jail” crowd to prosecute the crime and clean up the mess?

President Obama ran on ending our military adventures in Iraq and Afghanistan. Instead, we got an escalation of both wars.

President Obama has governed in the fashion we feared, but knew was coming. That is why I did not support the President during the 2008 primaries.

Discussing this with a good friend, he told me “Obama’s main job is  to maintain American hegemony regardless of what his skin color is.”

A fair point. However that hegemony and exceptionalism is a dangerous proposition in the 21st century. The concept of American Exceptionalism is highly toxic to our survival as a nation and the survival of the human species.

But Barack Obama ran as something different. He ran as beacon of hope. Why that beacon has dimmed? You only need to look in a mirror.

Too many of us who consider themselves in the “progressive” camp fall into the same trap. We figure that we put a mainstreamer who can talk the talk in charge and immediately the problem is solved. WRONG, THE BATTLE IS JUST BEGINNING.

When the Tea Party People were in the place to be, hitting the streets and getting noticed, Where were those of us who wanted better and knew better? We didn’t swing up and push this Administration to fight for what they ran on. And that isn’t limited to black folks, I’m talking all progressive folks.

Cornell West can’t do that. Boyce Watkins can’t do that. The “Talented Tenth” can’t push that forward, it’ll take the Whole Damn Hundred of us. If you want peace and social justice to be on the program, it’s not coming from the top down it has to start grassroots up. Street heat is the only way that radical program has a chance, and  my firm belief has always been that for the United States of America to move into the 21st century, it will need a radical perestroika. The coming issues of the years ahead will demand that structural change.

Some will say “c’mon Chip, you are talking that radical business. Obama is a PRAGMATIST. We need pragmatic thinking.”

The definition of pragmatism in today’s talk reads: “Be fully assured that you won’t get anything you really want or anything you really need because of the priorities set by the people in charge. In short, take the crumbs we might give you.”

Our goal? Redefine pragmatism. The current definition is a product of our mass inaction. It has nothing to do with Obama’s upbringing as a person, it has everything to do with the upbringing of his administration. We got the people we got because we didn’t demand service after the sale. Imagine what pragmatism would look like if Barack Obama could look to the Capitol Mall and see hundreds of thousands of Americans holding up a banner saying “PUBLIC OPTION NOW!”, “PROSECUTE THE WALL STREET CROOKS NOW!”, or “TROOPS HOME NOW!”

Also, Dr. West and in fact all of the black intelligentsia, could you tell me what constitutes a “Black Issue”? What counts? Is it just Unemployment and Crime? Not that those high rates aren’t important, and being black an all I understand that. We need jobs in our communities and economic development and I agree, President Obama needs to be out front a little more than he has been.

But it seems to me, being black and an American and all,  that all issues affect Black America, so why aren’t we talking about those issues as a community?

    Energy Independence is a serious  black issue. When Peak Oil hits, you know it will seriously hit The Corner. Notice I didn’t hear a lot of ripples among the black peeps when Van Jones was getting ran out to of town by the Whitey Righty Oil Brigade,

Environmental Classism and Racism? Hello both sides, why aren’t we talking about this?

The War. When I go to anti-war forums, I’m too often a “Pudding In A Cloud” (Def: The only person of color in the room). This is a “black issue”, too.

Its time for Black Americans to stop talking about “black issues” and start making our voices heard on the issues across the board. All the critical issues that pertain to our nation pertain to me as a African-American. 

Demand. It’s a good word. Frederick Douglass used it very well. Power concedes nothing without demand.

That’s the real issue those of us who seek the hope and change we were sold in 2008: How deep is our demand for it?


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