You Don’t Need A Title. You Just Need To Give A Damn.

Anthony Weiner gets caught with his pants down on Twitter. Duh! (Ignant Award Winner right here). Joplin, Missouri is still a mess on now the other side of Missouri gets a nice reminder from the New Madrid Fault. 

There’s flooding on the Missouri River. Hmm, where are we going to find some FEMA money for this one, especially now that everybody in Washington is a deficit hawk.  Timothy Geeko Geithner is confident that Team Obama will be able to cut a deal with the Grand Old Birthers and get a deficit cutting package. I’m sure some of Paul Ryan recommendations will make the list, which means Mr. and Mrs. America are going to have to choose between head or gut again. It’s a same we can believe in.

You know something? I know of a way we can cut that deficit in a meaningful way right now, and its a way that the Republican would really love. I agree with them, we have to cut that welfare. So I say let’s cut the biggest Welfare Program in America right now. How about it? Let cut the BIG WELFARE PROGRAM RIGHT NOW! President Obama, I’m talking some serious deficit reduction right here. Deficit reduction so definitive, you have the bipartisan cooperation you crave and the Republicans can say they were “tough on welfare spending”. How about it. Let cut some of that WELFARE!


End all that Rockwell-Fare and ADC (Aid to Defense Contractors). Quit giving money to the Karzai Government in Afghanistan (who’s putting most of the aid I’m paying for into his pocket). Why do I have guys who were cops in the town I live in patrolling Baghdad when I could use them to clean up the meth house cookin’ a block or so away? Now we are sending those Preditor drones to Libya and we are still drooling over the chance to hit Iran so we can placate a wannabe Reaganite cowboy in Tel-Aviv (Netan- YAHOOOOOOOOO!)

And while we are at it. I hear that President Obama is looking at an executive order to stop defense contractors from making political contributions. Why haven’t you signed that one already Mr. President?

For more on this, check out this Northside Chip View I’m Feeling. Former Labor Secretary Robert Reich breaks down how the Rockwell-Fare Kings are buying up the Capital Hill Projects

You want to cut that deficit? To quote Morgan Freeman quoting Joe Clark…”Don’t F— Around With It! DO IT EXPEDITIOUSLY!”

In the sports world: Miami has a 2-1 lead on Dallas. The Boston Bruins came home and came correct in beating Vancouver (but they still trail 2-1), Albert Pujols is terrorizing the Cubs..again (But beating the Cubs is kind of like beating on the kids who ride the short bus.), and this weekend my main man behind the wheel comes to North America.

Lewis Hamilton, stop letting Vettel steal your vittles, homey!

I’ve been down with Formula 1 since I was a little Northside Chip on the corner, and we on the Corner are all about some Lewis Hamilton. But he, and the rest of Formula 1 are chasing that Sebastian Vettel, who has won five of the six rounds of the series so far. Hamilton’s the only other driver who has pulled through to win this season, and he’s been getting the Obama Treatment by the press for showing his frustration after being penalized in the Grand Prix of Monaco.   He’s been accused of “playing the race card”. Why do people think the race card is so damn powerful? Tim Wise is right when he says that the “race card” is the weakest in the deck.

Below is the post-race interview with the BBC in question: Decide for yourself.

My opinion? 1. The penalties for aggressive driving were very questionable to this observer. Where was the penalty on Massa during qualifying when he was blocking Hamilton all over the place? And Pastor Maldonado screwed up late in the race and nearly took Hamilton out when LH had the line in the corner.

2. No “race card” is being played here in my view. If somebody’s quoting Ali G, you kind of have to take it for what it is. Remember the same dude who played Ali G also gave the world Borat and Bruno. It’s humor, Sasha Baron Cohen-style. RELAX.

3. Lewis Hamilton is quickly learning the ways of the sporting press the world over. Everything you say can and will be used against you, especially if you have that darker paint job.

Shake it off my man and win in Montreal this weekend. STAND ON IT, SON! IT’S GO TIME!

Speed sports has been on my mind this morning. I was talking to my cousin in Atlanta, a forty-ish coach of an youth track team, while talking to my dad, who’s was my old track coach as a young un’ and he was talking about how tough it is to get a few hundred organized at a meet, getting all the entries in and such and we were just talking about how much the folks who ran our old team back in North Omaha put into it.

When we were young, our summers were spent on the run in the red and white of the Midwest Striders. Many summers spent traveling running and never forgot the fun we had or the lessons we learned. Many people where a part of it all. Parents, friends, concerned citizens who just wanted to give us young kids an outlet. They weren’t people of affluence. They weren’t high-powered folks armed with big dollars or Nike sponsorships. They were the everyday people, who got up in the morning went to work and after work they gathered us at old Omaha Technical High School around 5:30 and they led practice until 7:30 or 8:00.

The man in charge was a man named Ed Mayhue. He was stern proud father who was the head coach. He started the team in 1970 as a way to give his kids and some of their friends something to do. By the time I started running for them, around the age of 7, the team had already grown to nearly two hundred kids aged 7 to 18.

Coach Mayhue wasn’t some downtown or suburban cat. He was a blue-collar man. By day, he was a garbage collector. Every day after work, he’d get home maybe grab a quick shower and then he’d be a Tech High wearing a ballcap and a whistle, and leading practice. He did that through full days of work for two decades. He did that after perhaps the toughest time in his life. One work day, a terrible accident happened. I was maybe 10 at the time. Coach Mayhue’s arm was caught in the press on his garbage truck. The arm was crushed, and he nearly was too. He lived, but lost that arm.

That happened just before the season started, and we figured coach would retire. No chance of that. A month into the season, he was back coaching and teaching. The man didn’t miss a beat. He eventually retired from coaching…. a decade later.

Mr. Mayhue has gone home. He passed away quite a few years ago, but his example and essence carry a place in my heart and in a philosophy I hold very dear. You never pass up an opportunity to impact someones life in a positive way and it doesn’t take much to do that. Too often we think, “well maybe I’ll do more when I have my thing right” or “what do I have to give? I haven’t achieved anything, etc”

You don’t need “status” or  “title” to be of service to your community. You just need to give a damn. Coach Ed Mayhue taught me that.

Thanks, coach.


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