Reflections On Monday Morning

On the Monday Morning, a whole lot of North Omaha folks who were living it up this weekend are going through the hangover blues. Yeah, we all maybe got it in a little bit much during Native Omaha Days. But that is what its for. Safe travels to those folks who are heading back home after what was a fun, w ild weekend.

It was my first Native Omaha Days in its truest sense. My first “homecoming” of this type. It was good to reconnect with faces I haven’t seen. It was good to reflect back on some good times of days gone by.

I am blessed to say that for the most part, many dear faces in my life are doing well. I’ve seen friends marry friends and those unions have lasted a decade or more. I see people I grew up with being fathers and mothers. I see young kids look like their mommas and daddies growing up and getting their dreams together. Such things make me smile long and wide.

That’s my hangover. The “come-down” from the natural, simple joy of reconnection and reflection.

Over the next week or so, I will sharing some of those reconnections, reflections and looks ahead.

Away from the Northside. It seems that we have a deal in Washington, and the debt ceiling crisis was even the talk of the Northside. Memo to shelf, DON’T CRITICIZE OBAMA AT A BAR IN NORTH OMAHA. You’ll get a serious Bronx cheer of people who will disagree. But there’s still much love.

I find myself bothered by both sides. Once again, the Democratic Party is paying for not taking care of business, when they controlled the business. The Republicans are living up to ideas of their field marshal Grover Norquist. Ideas some among conservative circles such as David From question.  Hopefully by the end of business Monday, we’ll have a new deal. But this new deal is still a further example of a same you can believe in.


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