School Days, Rainy Days, Strange Days Indeed.

Its the first day of the school on The Northside Corner. To our future Northsiders, stretch your mind and your butt will follow.

To all the parents: Please resolve to be an active participant in your child’s education if you haven’t already. Know your child’s teacher. Know the resources. Make sure they know who you are, and if can..volunteer, mentor, be in your school’s PTA. Too many people complain about the state of education in our country. Very few actually get active enough to turn complaint into solution.

And it doesn’t take a lot of time to do that, and it worth making the time.

I dedicate following to my mom who was a dedicated schoolteacher.

Let’s  resolve to END TEACHER BASHING. Over the next few weeks, hundreds of thousands of dedicated people will be standing in front school classrooms from Bangor to Honolulu. Some will be hardened veterans. Some will be fresh out of grad school or college. Some will be moving into new schools or new towns. Some maybe returning to the classroom after a time in another field. Others may be transitioning from another field to develop the next generation of what they’ve been. All deserve our support for a job that is underappreciated, insulted and belittled all too often.

As you drop off your child to the schoolhouse, take one minute to meet, greet and thank that teacher. Each day, they have the future of our nation in their hands. They can always use a hand from the rest of us.

In the fun department. I’m ready from the Monday Nitro. NASCAR’s romp on the road at Watkins Glen. Football preseason is in full swing, and this week your truly unveils Northside Chip’s Omaha Stories. During my romp home from Native Omaha Days, and went through the hoods and talked to some interesting people. I plan on sharing what I saw and heard on the Corner.

In the not-so-fun-part of the fun department. Hullabaloo, WHAT THE HECK? Texas A&M to the SEC? And then not to the SEC? Ego, thy nickname is “Aggie”.

I’m not one to get all irate over the continuing perestroika in college athletics. To me it isn’t about students or fans. This is about suits in the suites flashing cash and flaunting clout. However, Texas A&M action seems to be driven more from the continuing inferiority complex Texas A&M has when it comes to Texas. Now that Texas has their Longhorn Network, its only worse.

At the same time, I just have to shake my head and grin at the fellows in Austin. The University of Texas is playing their hand well. They know that whichever way the well turns, they have every out. If they have a Big XII, they will have the money advantage. If they don’t get their way, they go it alone. If they decide to go it alone, they have the wherewithal to do it.

Don’t hate Texas, because you ain’t Texas. If any school had the advantage, they’d play it.

Now strange days? That was what I saw in Iowa over the weekend. First there was the debate where every GOP hopeful except for Ron Paul had the same platform, “We just wanna get rid of Barack Obama!” Nevermind how they’ll govern once they get him out.

But remember, the Republicans aren’t really  into that governing thing.

But that isn’t the freakiest thing. It was the straw poll. Michelle Bachmann came through with a meaningless victory on paper at first…But then Tim Pawlenty decided finishing third means “fuhgettaboutit” and dropped out and a first other may as well. This may be a sign of how the primary season of 2012 could go.

For me? Its a sign of a continuing complaint of mine: The whole campaign season is too dang long!

    If I were king. No events before January 2nd of the election year. No primaries before Feburary 14 th. During the primary season, any campaign ads can only be ran within 5 days of a primary or caucus and only in the states holding a primary or caucus.

Once the primaries end. NO POLITICAL ADVERTISING OF ANY KIND outside of news coverage of the conventions until one week after the last major party convention.

During the general election campaign, advertising is allowed until 7 days prior to election day. At that point. It’s a blackout. NO ADVERTISING. NO TELEVISION. NO SIGNS. NO 527s. NOT EVEN A BUS BENCH.

What will this proposal do?

1. It will shorten the campaign season.

2. Hopefully, it will tighten the focus and get voters looking at the campaign while lowering the risk of campaign fatigue for the voters.

3. Hopefully it will lower the ridiculous amounts of money it takes to get elected.

Nah. The politicos will never buy it. 🙂



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