Looking Back And Looking Ahead

When this ol’ world starts getting me down..that’s when its good to have the Little League World Series going on. Of all the excellent play seen this week, the Rhode Island-Pennsylvania game and the Mexico-Japan game were among the best matches I’ve seen in any sport so far this year.  Nothing like seeing the pure joy of young people at play.

Closer to my home base, I hear the popping of the pad. Football is underway. After work, I often find myself checking out the town Pop Warner team practicing. More of the pure joy of young people at play.

When do we lose the joy of play? When do we resign ourselves to cloudy days. When do we get cynical? When do we see joy as a exception and not as a rule?

Where was the tipping for Nevin Shapiro you think? Or perhaps he was already born cynical, or at least with the idea that everything has a price tag. The real sad thing is that for a good share of the University of Miami (FL) Hurricanes football team, they allowed themselves to be price tagged by a vicarious jock sniffer. If you haven’t read the account of the reporter who broke the story, check this out. 

Shapiro had bling and ching. Now, he wants to sing.

Shapiro apparent dropped a lot of big checks to “The U” and to the U’s stable of NFL caliber ballplayers, and keeping in line with the stereo du jour, a good number of them, including a heavy majority were black. I shake my head in sadness again know full well, that this rotten fish will smell for quite sometime and unfortunately stick to a lot of future kids looking to get their game and study thing at the college level, regardless of what penalty the NCAA gives the university in this case

What I think Miami should get? Two years of a “death penalty”.

Switching from one football state to another, more gloom and doom coming from the state of Texas. No, I’m not talking about the Longhorn network or that punishment closet at Texas Tech.

Texans like Rick Perry would have made me root for Santa Anna

Texas Governor Rick Perry is running for President in that very crowded, and slightly unhinged, Republican starting grid. This past week he talked about the nation’s debt pointing it out as the “big black cloud that hangs over America”. Now some have stated that could be a veiled shot at that guy with the rather deep tan that resides at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. Others, mainly conservatives and perhaps a few a black blogosphere, see this is as another excuse to put on the those Field Negro RC-2190 sneakers and chase racism at a dead sprint.

My opinion? I heard the quote (and you can too) . You can make up your mind on it. However, while Perry was talking about the debt this guy also understanda which side the bread is buttered on and the constituency he is courting. Words like that, even in a nuanced way,  will strike a cord. Its no secret that one big play in the GOP’s playbook is geared toward the making Barack Obama the “other”, making him sound like and be like something “not American” . You can bet that has we roll toward Iowa and New Hampshire that we will hear the President’s full name a lot. To many people hearing”Barack Hussein Obama” is the perfect mantra that says subliminally, “he’s not like you” and “he doesn’t see America the way we do”.

But then again, you can say that about Rick Perry. After all, this guy a year ago was calling for something the return of the “Long Star Republic of Texas”. After all Mr. Perry did say ““Texas is a unique place. When we came into the union in 1845, one of the issues was that we would be able to leave if we decided to do that,” Perry said. “My hope is that America and Washington in particular pays attention. We’ve got a great union. There’s absolutely no reason to dissolve it. But if Washington continues to thumb their nose at the American people, who knows what may come of that.”

Tim Wise said it best after the 2010 elections, “by then you will have gone  all-in as a white nationalist movement – hell, you’ve all but done that now.”

Division and derision will be the play should the Republicans face third and long deep on their side of the field vs. President Obama next year.  Even with the disagreements I have with the Obama administration on a number of key issues, I see the GOP facing a lot of those third-down situations and I don’t see them having a quarterback who can convert them. The GOP record and rhetoric have proven and will continue to prove this theory again and again.

Quite frankly, I see them much like the Addams Family…

I hope they return to their coffins when the sun comes up

     They’re creepy and they’re kooky. They’re greedy and they’re spooky. They’re altogether loony…They are the G-O-P!

Turning to a safer sport, NFL Football. A couple things made me smile Sunday. First, San Diego Chargers 20, Dallas Cowboys 7.  Anytime you beat “America’s Team”, its never a bad thing.

Secondly, I’m interested to see if this year’s Michael Vick Second Chance Award Winner continues to play well.

Welcome back Plexiglas! Just remember if you feel the need to take a gun to the nightspot you seriously should reconsider going to that establishment.

Plaxico Burress. The man has paid his debt to society. It was a good game, but it was preseason and it was against the Bengals. I hope he continues to play well, and that he perhaps stays home more often and curls up with the good book instead of venturing out into the New York night and getting in some mischief.

And now, something that always makes me smile..

Lookin' at my Armitron its about that time 🙂

Through all the choas, strife, the 2012 campaign where whoever wins you get a same you can believe in. Amid the torrents of a bad economy, a revolution in Tripoli and bad reality TV. After a summer of  flood, potential nuclear disaster and the City of Omaha fighting over a deal for their firefighters…The one constant that makes a smile worth smiling and gives a good solid escape is Nebraska Football. GO BIG RED! 🙂

And Finally, a edition of Northside Chip’s “What Was Said/What Was Meant”

What Was Said: “The next superintendent of Omaha Public Schools a laser-like focus on improving student achievement and eliminating the African-American achievement gap. “The next Omaha Public School superintendent will have a profound impact on Omaha’s future workforce,” — Nebraska Governor Dave Heinemann

What Was Meant: “The next Omaha Public Schools superintendent wont get any help from me.”



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