Back To The Corner…With Things To Say.

I haven’t posted in a month, partially due to work…partially due to a project I’m working on at, a piece of the epic “Protect and Survive” Timelines.

Also, I really haven’t had that much to say to add to what many of the blogs I link to have already. You can only bash Herman Cain so much.

Also, I’ve been working on some hip-hop music. I’m no rapper, but I figure if you have the tools to make a record why not?

But I’m back to blogging because I have something to say, and I want to keep saying things, so here I am.

For starters, I am reading a very good book right now, written by an old college classmate of mine. It’s the survivor’s story called The Way Through and the author, Amber Lisa, will be a guest in the corner after the New Year. If you want to know more, check her blog out.

A lot folks have been talking about this guy above. Some of you like him. Some of you don’t. Some of you think that he’s an overhyped kid who lacks the materiel to be an NFL Quarterback. Others say “he just wins games”. Some of you maybe turned off by the fact that he is a bonafide Bible-Thumper of the first magnitude. Other’s believe Tim Tebow is a splendid representative of The Truth, The Way and The Light.

I personally like this Tim Tebow guy. Yeah, he only completes maybe 48% of his passes. Right, right, he does say “I wanna thank my Lord and Saviour” before he speaks to the press, and “God Bless” when he’s done.

I liked his Super Bowl Ad, and even though I’m on the other side of that issue, I respected what the advertisement was about.

What I really have a problem with is so many detractors of Tim Tebow who are detractors truly out of their own cynicism, not because of reasons due to the way he plays the game.


I find the misplaced ire of this amusing. Tebow is a football player, like any football player. He didn’t ask for the notoriety. He didn’t seek it out. If you want to crack back on anybody, crack back on the media hype machine. Don’t put that on his kid.

Tim Tebow is not sending memos to the varied sports media saying “Ignore the 13-0 Green Bay Packers” or “Campaign For Me For The Pro Bowl”. To quote the ESPN Monday Night Countdown boys “C’MON MAN!”


In analyzing over 5 years of interview of Tim Tebow, I find one constant. He never mentions his beliefs unless he is asked a direct question about them.  This has been a rock-solid constant in any interaction between the secular press and this person.

If anything, I wish people would talk about faith MORE. I wish more people would open up more about their belief and their faith, or even their non-faith in respectful way.

I am a firm believer in the concept that there is something bigger than me in the universe. Christianity is the way that I express that belief, same as Tim Tebow. Him and I may have differences on issues based on where our faith comes from. His faith is of a more conservative bent, mine is more toward leftist liberation theology. Nonetheless, I respect him and I’d share a pew with him.

The same way I’d respect a devout Muslim or a devout Jew..or a devout Buddist…or a devout Wiccan…or a devout Atheist giving respectful reference and then going out on the football field and kicking some hard-core butt.

3. ““emboldened faithful can do insane things, like burning mosques, bashing gays and indiscriminately banishing immigrants.”  

The person who said this, A rabbi in New York, later recanted this statement, pulled his column and apologized. But nonetheless this feel could be out there. And in things like this that bother me as a person of faith and this is why we need more talk, education and understanding about our beliefs and our faith…NOT LESS.

We are in a time where people of faith bash people who don’t. We in a time when people who feel there is no God ridicule people who believe strongly and passionate that there is one.

We are people who are throwing rocks at Nativity Scenes, and in response who have people willing to act in a manner counter to what Jesus taught.

And you have a lot of people once again getting all scared and hostile when they hear the word “MOSQUE”  (Memo to the CEO at Lowe’s — I’ll get my 2x4s at Home Depot from now on.)

Even the devil believes in God, and this type of foolishness, and putting this foolishness on one guy who worships with a quiet reverence and a serious example is just Satan doing his shady business in my view. The Dark Side can and will cloud everything.

All this griping about Tim Tebow is as silly to me as the “War On Christmas” and so much pining about the insistence on “Merry Christmas”..And you wonder why people make fun of Christians. I find that rather whiny, just the same as I find every Atheist with an ax to grind beefing about nativity scenes whining. There’s room enough for all of you. Find a space, and to each his own.

4. The hope that Tim Tebow pulls a massive Tiger Woods Moment in a strip club with 10 women of ill repute.

I’ve heard this more than a few times. I just wanna know…Why? Why do we as a public want the clean-cut hero and then…we want him to denigrate into a cad? Don’t flame me for asking. I’m just asking.

I understand this is the staple diet of todays Tabloid-Run-And-Gun-Kick-Em-When-They’re-Up-Kick-Em-When-They’re-Down-News Networks, powered by Kardashian Inc., but why do you as a Public KEEP BUYING IT?

This wish isn’t about Tim Tebow, its really about Mr. and Mrs. Look-In-A-Mirror. Don’t put any shortcoming you may see on this kid because he may have a discipline, a faith, and a determination to lives those things to a level greater than your own.

Why Northside Chip is a fan of  Tim Tebow? 

I mainly root for him because he’s a Heretic….He’s a playing heretic against a number of rigid dogmas of professional football “quarterbacking”. He isn’t the classic drop-back guy, but then again who  is anymore?. He doesn’t play  the part that the Mel Kipers, Peter Kings and all the high priests of the Holy Church Of The Scouting Computer says is a “pro quarterback”. He’s “unorthodox” and thumb his nose at the High Holy Church of Professional Football Punditry.

Tim Tebow runs like Bobby Douglass, has the ugliest wobble since Billy Kilmer. He was as doubted as the last #15 to play quarterback for Denver, the great Magician Marlin Briscoe……And he’s winning games anyway…..And he’s getting better.

The fact that he’s unashamed to give his reference when so many want to keep it under wraps is a special bonus. But overall, the game is the thing and results don’t lie. He’s doing his part on the pitch, and he seems to be living up to what he portrays off of it.



Mr. President, I have a blog post coming up that’ll bring this in greater detail, but I’m gonna tell ya…Go-along-to-get-along is just good enough to get you beat. If you want to get elected, you have be bold with a whole new agenda.

2. The GOP: Get Real

The Republican have had 20+ televised debates this year. There’s a lot of good TV shows that don’t get that kind of run for an hour of decent entertainment, and my conclusion is…“Gee, I thought the Walking Dead was on AMC”

There isn’t a serious candidate in that bunch. Why do I see maybe 33% turnout next November. Maybe because there ain’t much to vote for, honestly.

3. The Chris Paul Controversy

Further proof that the National Basketball Association is at its worst crisis since 1979. Call me a conspiracy theorist, but I think David Stern is looking to cut some jobs and whack some teams…New Orleans may be the beginning. I wouldn’t mind it, if he’d give me my Kansas City Kings back. 🙂

4. I went to Iraq, and all I got was _____________

They are all coming home (Praise God!), after 9 years, trillions of dollars and no WMDs found. Was it all worth it? Somebody answer that one.

5. Memo to Jerry Sandusky and Bernie Fine

Pray that you are not put in the G-Pop. The fellas in the joint don’t take kindly to “diddlers”.

And of course — It wouldn’t be the Corner without the Northside Chip “You Ignant” Award!!!!!!!!!

There’s so many candidates. The entire GOP Presidential Field, especially Rick Perry (even ignance is bigger in Texas), All the Tebow haters., the Los Angeles Lakers (trading Lamar Kardashian to the Mavericks???), Kurt Busch, Bashir al-Assad (Son, you ain’t your daddy), Barack Obama qualifies for the spending compromise and this idea of bringing Gitmo tactics to America (Mr. President, WTF!), Jerry Sandusky could retire the award right now.

But I’m giving the “You Ignant” to Robert Niblock, CEO of Lowe’s Improvement Centers. 

Now you’ve heard a few things thing about this one. Its really nothing new. Lowe’s was a sponsor of a solid typical reality show called “All-American Muslim”. The idea of this show, centered in Dearborn, Michigan’s sizable Muslim community (one of the largest in our country), is just looking at a family who has a different belief from a majority of Americans but live really no different than a majority of Americans. Its hackneyed, but pretty harmless.

Well, the mostly-white mostly-right Dead-Wrong All-Star among us think every family in the world that happens to be Muslim has the surname bin Laden. Some group called the Florida Family Association , small conservative Christian group, has their issues with the show. If you click the link, you’ll find that they have an issue with a lot of things. It is the typical ultra-conservative, mainly white, menu of “enemies” (Pornagraphy, women who show a little extra thigh, women who believe in equal pay for equal work and that “Godless” feminism stuff, gay folks, non-white people,  Barack Obama, etc.) This is nothing new, remember some of people this people probably still think that Bert and Ernie or Tinky Winky are gay.

Now, I don’t give Niblock this award because Lowe’s pulled the ads due to the pressure of the FFA. A corporate business has the right to do what they do. They are a private corporation who can spend money as they see fit. The idea that a pressure group of this type that is small in number, localized and conservative that force this corporation to bend when larger and more people-centered are ignored is striking to me.

I give Mr. Niblock the “You Ignant” because, he is giving “aid and comfort to the enemy”, as our conservative friends would say.

When you listen to the Right-Wing Dead-Wrong All-Stars going off on “Islamofacism”, the biggest winners….wait for it ……. ARE THE TERRORISTS!

All these rantings ever do is give Hamas and Hizbollah and Al Queda and every Islamic Ayatollah Jerry al-Falwell a license to whip up more Two-Minute Hate. They line up with their bootleg VHS tapes and say “SEE! SEE! GREAT SATAN AMERICA HATES YOU!!!!! LOOKIE! LOOKIE!!!! THE AMERICANS AND THEIR ISRAELI PUPPETS AT LOWE’S HOME IMPROVEMENT HATE YOU!”

My question to the FFA is Why Do You Hate America? Why are you working with Al-Queda? 

You see, you play into their hands with the stuff.

Most muslims I know came to this country in part because, even as Muslims they couldn’t worship as they pleased back home or they were persecuted for whatever reason..OR even they came for an opportunity they couldn’t get back home, and that isn’t to count out those who’ve been here for multiple generations, and have celebrated being American and being of their faith. Last I heard, the freedom to worship…or not worship was the what America was all about since we started this ride back around 1776.

Those who call the “Terrorists” don’t want this freedom, even for their own. They want it THEIR WAY, ALL THE WAY. ISLAMIC THEOCRACY WITHOUT QUESTION! The people like the FFA are no different, except they seek a Christian Theocracy without question.

   Theocracy and Democracy don’t mix and I never want to live under one, no matter whose holy book it is from.

You see, I like questioning the people in charge. I believe its a healthy for a society. I like having the right to do so without a threat on my life,  a fatwa, a shunning, an excommunication or whatever.

The theocrat wants you to accept whatever they say without question, as if they are God. That’s fine in a church, but it doesn’t work for a democratic, free society to function effectively. For if you want to have that power over my day-to-day affairs as a human leader you have to realize that you will be questioned. If can’t open yourself to questioning, you are not fit to govern.

It is for this reason that I find caving in to a cabal of Americans who are in league with the concepts of an Al-Queda not just ignant, but repugnantly anti-American.

Also a memo to the FFA: You seem to dislike so much on TV…Here’s a thought… 1. Read a book. 2. Change the channel 3. Start your own network…. #just sayin’


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