A February Morning…With Stuff On My Mind.

You know, we just had that Super Bowl thing this past week. Eli Manning. Yeah, he’s does nothing pretty, but beat the Patriots with the money on the table. That’s pretty to me.

Chad Ochocinco is on your bench. You only throw to him once? Hmmmm.

The Halftime Show was actually enjoyable. Madonna. Say what you want about her, but you can’t deny that she’s still brangin’ thangs to da table…Even at age 53.

Oh, and a memo to Ms. Mathangi  Arulpragasam (a.k.a. M.I.A.): This ain’t The Beeb baby, you just can’t flip off the camera in America. #justsayin’

I give Gisele a lot of credit for the post-game Tammy Wynette moment. She stood by her man. No beef with that. But, the camera-phone drive-by run-and-gun media caught her slippin’.

Kobe passed Shaq on the NBA All-Time Scoring List. Good. I’ll admit, I’m not a big fan of Shaq. I find him to be as phony and packaged  as Mitt Romney, but that is just me.

That CPAC thing starts today. What is the over-under on the number of black people who are participating true believers in what CPAC is all about? I’ll put that number at 6.

Northside Chip YOU IGNANT AWARD this post…A got a pair of GOLD MEDAL CHAMPIONS for you (No, not Rick Santorum and Newt Gingrich…they’d retire the award)

I’m talking about THIS lunacy in Atlanta. No, not Eddie Long.

So let me get this right. It’s okay to beat somebody down, because they are rockin’ skinnies? For real, huh? And you mean to tell me, nobody was across the street looking at this, and maybe called the cops and helped the kid who was getting beat down? Is this where we at in 2012 my people? Please let me know if this is where we at.

But then again, they can’t help it. After all, one of the black punditry says it was a duty for beat the young lad’s butt.

Roland Martin: Head Coach of #teamwhipdatass


I give you CNN’s Roland Martin, also head coach of “Team Whip Dat Ass”.  After all, as he said in his tweet, if your man is wearing pink, he needs an intervention by Mr. Martin’s team. He also has tweeted that “Ladies, if your man don’t like sports, send his azz back to the factory. He came to you defective! #rolandsrules.”

But the Gay Agenda(TM) is Rollin’ 60s on Roland Martin for a tweet during the Super Bowl. It concerned David Beckham’s H&M ad showing Mr. Posh Spice modeling his new line of…..drawers.  H&M had to come up with some serious GB Pounds Sterling for that. It was a rather risque ad that did straddle the line of good taste, but then again that is every Super Bowl ad.

Now, when I think of underwear modeled on television, I’m thinking Audriana Lima or Rosie Huntington-Whiteley. When I want a direct free kick for a needed goal in the 88th minute? Beckham’s my man.

But Roland….really…. “If a dude at your Super Bowl party is hyped about David Beckham’s H&M underwear ad, smack the ish out of him! #superbowl.”

Roland, if I didn’t know better…I would say that there could be some latency issues down yonder with you if you know what I’m saying.  Now, I’m not sayin’ you are “Takei” but bruh….who even thinks of that….Unless you thinkin’ of that. #KnowwhatImean?


Lo0k at Roland Martin’s tweets, then look at the video above…..There’s a connection there even if they are out of chronological order, because at least a few of our people are thinking like this, and they are being spurred on by leaders within our community, including a few who take pulpits.

#Teamwhipdatass , Mr. Martin?  Based on what I saw above, maybe we need to break that team of IGNANCE up. 


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