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Doubts, Questions And Clarity After A President Evolves.

               I know, I haven’t written in a while…and today I want to write…but it isn’t what I had in mind at first.

          On Wednesday, President Barack Obama, whom I have criticized for “goin’ along to git along”, took a handoff and sharply cut back against the grain. “Gay Marriage, I’m all for it!”

           Instead of seeing the possibilities and the positivity…I saw electoral votes cascading to the adversary.

           Why get scared? Hell, I have a birthday coming up. Maybe I’m getting old. I don’t know.

            Or maybe it’s just what I need to get motivated. Motivated to go back into the fray. 

            Make no mistake, the election ahead just got closer. If Mitt Romney needed some good red meat, the President’s evolution just gave it to them. It scares me that some potential footsoldiers for the opposition in this battle  just may look like me. Some of those who spearheaded the efforts toward legalization discrimination..most recently in venues from the Omaha City Council chambers to North Carolina did look like me.

              Was it a political calculation? You could say that, and yes I initially computed that..and probably agitated some good friends in the process. I hope they can forgive me because I didn’t keep the main thing the main thing.

              One of my flaws I’ll admit to looking at must things through the cold hard numbers at not looking at the  human calculation. Ultimately this is about people. Many of them just want to live their lives, enjoy the lives with the confidence that they will not be denied with is the birthright of all human beings:  The right to exist as they see fit providing they are impeding others’ right to exist as they see fit.

               What is the downside of two people finding that common ground and common happiness? Could somebody answer that. Where is the sin there? Yes, I know what holy screed of my choice says in this matter of “men lying with men”

                 But I also know that such a description used out of context is a distortion and that distortion is too easy to reach for, too easy to use, and it runs contra what I see every day in the eyes of people I care about on this earth. Who am I to judge, especially when I see a pair confirming committment and caring…and them being told that such committment consigns them to damnation? It just doesn’t compute.

                And while I’m at it? What is the Gay Agenda(TM). I hear about this a lot, but could somebody tell me what this is? I really want to know what it is, because wherever I hear opposing viewpoints I hear about this “Agenda”. I put a trademark thingy on it because you know I don’t wanna use something is not give due courtesy and this sounds like some big syndicate. It sound like something H-U-G-E.

                I have a belief on this issue. To me the whole idea of “marriage” …. It’s a loaded word. It’s a strong word. It is something I believe in. The concept that when you find that one person to spend the rest of your life with, you want the rest of your life to start as soon as possible. (yeah, I stole one from Billy Crystal — checks in the mail :))

                 It can be a distortion as well, because to me the rancor on gay marriage is a “gateway drug”. This is the easy way to get people who wouldn’t buy into discriminatory practice if presented straight up, to buy in. I see what the adversary is doing.  This hullabaloo about Gay Marriage is a trojan horse brought to you by those who want to continue to turn back the clock on a number of protections in terms of employment, education, housing, medical care.

                  About a month or so ago, my hometown was debating a change. A change to the city ordinance regarding anti-discrimination. They wanted to add orientation and gender identity to the list. It was news to me, because I figured such protections where already in place. In listening to the testimony for and against, it seems everybody against it had to bring the marriage concept up…and that wasn’t even a point of contention. But that’s when it really hit me, It was the same old song. “Fear. Blame. Fear. Blame.”. “These godless people want special rights, and that is why they want all these discrimination protections!” More turning back the clock, and these folks are serious about turning that clock back, and not just for GLBT folks. As some have shown during the campaign, they want to run that clock back a long way..and if it goes too far back…I don’t even wanna think about it.

                 Thirty states mirror the opinion of North Carolina’s, and North Carolina was a needless provocation, and that should raise my attentions far beyond some votes in the ballot box.

                  To many people this a real “duh” sort of thing. It should be.

                   In an unsure moment, I forgot that.

                   Looking forward, I pledge not to make the same mistake twice.

                   This was were I was going to tell the President “Way to be bold, B…BUT DON’T STOP THERE!”

                  I think the man in the mirror needs to heed that more. “Don’t get skurred..and don’t stop here!”

                   Oh by the way — A question for those who don’t agree. How does this threaten your marriage..or your plans to do so if you aren’t?

                    Just like Lyte and Sam, I cram to understand.