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The Olympics are kickin’, Anaheim cops give a lickin’, and what’s this to-do about chicken?

The Corner is liking the Summer Olympics so far. Today, a 17-year old high schooler becomes American’s latest Golden Girl. The basketball teams are kicking some butt. The volleyball teams are firing on all cylinders.  The Opening Ceremony was really good. Better than Beijing in my view. I’m in the minority but what the heck, I’m always in the minority.

Hope Solo opened her mouth….Oh dear.  I’m good with Hope on this one. She was backing her teammate and I respect that. At the same time was Brandi Chastain wrong in her critique? No she wasn’t. Ms. Solo, the press writes their own story anyway, deal with it!

From The Games, to The Game. 99 days untilwe have to make a choice in the Billion-Dollar Battle of the SuperPACs. I’m not sold on the reelection of the President, but I know I’m not pulling the lever for Mitt Romney, and his foreign misadventure has confirmed it. Starting with his busted dismount in London and continuing with his policy speech in Tel Aviv.  It was very surreal seeing Mitt Romney showing he could slap leather with the legendary Israeli gunslinger Benjamin Netan-YAHOO.

Back home, we have a nominee for underreported story of the year.

From the reports, the Anaheim Police chased an unarmed man who saw them and started running. Now in many instances that’s a mistake, especially if you are a person of color. After the police caught up to him, he surrendered…and the police still fired on him. Head shot no less.

The neighborhood, mostly latino, was upset and protested. The response of the police was rubber bullets and billy clubs, including a cop who struck a woman holding her baby.

This story has been all over the internet press, and Democracy Now!, but the “mainstream” media has largely ignored this story. Seems to be the “in” thing to do in the post-Occupy era.

“Get the hell out my corporate entry way. Don’t make me call “protect the rich” today. I’ll see you under a steel-toed jackboot, if you think you’ll occupy my loot.” — “Occupy”/The OMW

To quote the Northside Chip Rule Of Law Enforcement: “It only takes one ignant cop to free O.J.”

Chick Fil-A. We’re here. We’re Anti-Queer. Get Used To Us.

I loves me some Chick-fil-A. Whenever I’m in a town that has a Chick-fil-A, I’m eating some Chick-fil-A. I like the chicken sandwich, the chicken nuggets and those waffle fries. Yeah, its “bad” for you…But its just tastes so good.

That is what makes giving it up so darn hard.

You see, it all began with this guy.

Chick-fil-A CEO Dan Cathy

The man above is Chick-fil-A Dan Cathy. A very successful businessman and a devout Christian. The man talks the talk and walks his walk, right down to not opening on a Sunday. Recently, he spoke out on the issue of the gay marriage. Fearlessly and forcefully he said, “Well, guilty as charged… “We are a family-owned business, a family-led business, and we are married to our first wives,”

He’s put Chick-fil-A’s financial wherewithal in line with his maxillary orifice. According to the group Equality Matters, Chick-fil-A has put some serious profits behind a number of organizations that could be taken to be “anti-gay”. They made over $2 million in donations to such groups in 2010 alone. Their donations include some very interesting cadres, including one cited by the Southern Poverty Law Center as a “hate group”.

I don’t have a problem with what Dan Cathy’s views are. They are his. I don’t have a problem with Chick-fil-A throwing some money to a lot of groups like Focus of the Family or the Family Research Council. My personal view on both groups is that their “Focus of the Family” too often does not include mine for some glaring and obvious reasons. Nonetheless, a private business has a right to do as they see fit in the causes they choose to support. For this reason I am opposed to the sudden cry of city chief executives in Boston and Chicago to “ban” Chick-fil-A from there respective cities. Now, Boston Mayor Tom Menino (affectionately referred to by Bostonians as “Mumbles”) backpedaled citing the simple fact that he can’t infringe in the right of a business to set up shop where they legally can.

Chick-fil-A has a right to their views and a right to their advocacy for their views.

I have a right as consumer to buy or not to buy. I choose not to buy, mainly because of the issue behind the curtain.

I’ve said it before the whole idea of the pushing of the “defense of marriage” issue is really a trojan horse to me. What I saw in my hometown, Omaha, Nebraska in the last few months confirms  this. Like many cities, Omaha had a hole in their anti-discrimination laws, and a city councilman decided it was time to close that hole. The upgraded ordinance would  include protections for GLBT citizens in employment, housing, public accommodations, education, etc. None of the laws even touch the subject of marriage. Yet the opposition immediately go to “Them goldarn homo-sex-y’alls want to violate marriage!” when marriage isn’t even a part of the issue at hand.

That word “marriage” to many people, myself included, is a very serious, solemn, and loaded term. To many it is very sacred to the core. It should be.

HOWEVER, I do not believe that the state should regulate this. No one should receive any benefit or debit from the state based on what is largely a religious designation, and marriage is a religious designation. Yet, if we are going to give official state-sanctioned benefits based on this designation then it should be open to all.

Look behind the curtain, and you find that “marriage” is a poison pill, a ruse, and that is why I have the stand I have.  I believe, perhaps naively, that most people want to be fair. Most people have a sense of fair play. If you present something discriminatory towards them, they would say…”You know, I may not understand or agree with their ‘lifestyle’ or who they are…But I’m not going to be unfair to them either. Live and let live.”

BUT, inject something is volatile and polarizing as “marriage” into the fray, and you can get people who normally wouldn’t agree with discrimination, to agree with it, even when marriage is not the topic of contention. In the cases I saw in Omaha and now is happening down I-80 in Lincoln and a number of similar debates across our nation, that is what you are seeing.

Chick-fil-A will continuing to do brisk business. There’s plenty of people in this country who agree. There’s a “Chick Fil-A Appreciation Day” in the rumor mill to be planned by some prominent conservative groups. I’m hearing quite a few people who say they’re going buy, buy, buy because Chick-fil-A is defending us from the Gay Agenda(TM), whatever the heck that is.

I give a lot of respect to Dan Cathy for being open about his beliefs. That’s a good thing, because for people who believe in humanity and fairness for all, we know where we stand.

But for me? I will put my financial wherewithall in line with my maxillary orifice. Chick-fil-A isn’t the only game in town.


London 2012: 12 Reasons Why I’m watching

Yep, back again. Back to writing, and I’ve got stuff to say.

Twelve reasons why I not missing a second what’s about to happen in London. The Summer Olympics

1. Athletes wearing the best uniform in sports. National Team Colors! You can talk about Yankee pinstripes, Man United Red, The star on a Dallas Cowboys helmet or the Ghosts of Celtics Past. There is not a single uniform in any sport that compares with the name of your nation across your chest.

2. Stars are born here. Yeah, the TV Networks and those shoe companies try to manufacture them, but the game’s the thing and the stars are born.

3. The Decathlon — World’s Greatest Athlete…There’s a young American kid named Ashton Eaton. I say keep an eye on him.

4. Michael Phelps. How many more medals can he win?

5. The Little Team That Could — USA Basketball doesn’t have size, but they do have LeBron and Kobe, but I think this will be the Kevin Durant Show.

6. Another WR at 100 meters? With the potential field and plot twist it could be.

7. Seeing somebody from a country that is never won a gold medal, win gold medal? It could happen!

8. Opening Ceremonies. I’d give anything to be in that track just to take part in that

9. The reactions. Win or Lose, they are most honest facial expressions, cries and cheers ever.

10. Learning sports you know nothing about.

11. The possibility of seeing Bradley Wiggins pulling off an incredible double. An Olympic Gold Medal, a week after winning a Tour de France

12. To admire those who worked, sweat, bleed and toiled to wear a title only a select few ever will, “Olympian”.