London 2012: 12 Reasons Why I’m watching

Yep, back again. Back to writing, and I’ve got stuff to say.

Twelve reasons why I not missing a second what’s about to happen in London. The Summer Olympics

1. Athletes wearing the best uniform in sports. National Team Colors! You can talk about Yankee pinstripes, Man United Red, The star on a Dallas Cowboys helmet or the Ghosts of Celtics Past. There is not a single uniform in any sport that compares with the name of your nation across your chest.

2. Stars are born here. Yeah, the TV Networks and those shoe companies try to manufacture them, but the game’s the thing and the stars are born.

3. The Decathlon — World’s Greatest Athlete…There’s a young American kid named Ashton Eaton. I say keep an eye on him.

4. Michael Phelps. How many more medals can he win?

5. The Little Team That Could — USA Basketball doesn’t have size, but they do have LeBron and Kobe, but I think this will be the Kevin Durant Show.

6. Another WR at 100 meters? With the potential field and plot twist it could be.

7. Seeing somebody from a country that is never won a gold medal, win gold medal? It could happen!

8. Opening Ceremonies. I’d give anything to be in that track just to take part in that

9. The reactions. Win or Lose, they are most honest facial expressions, cries and cheers ever.

10. Learning sports you know nothing about.

11. The possibility of seeing Bradley Wiggins pulling off an incredible double. An Olympic Gold Medal, a week after winning a Tour de France

12. To admire those who worked, sweat, bleed and toiled to wear a title only a select few ever will, “Olympian”.


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